Thursday, August 02, 2012

Getting set to start pike fishing in the Fens again

I'm going to start pike fishing again in another month or so's time, provided the summer doesn't end with a spell of hot, dry weather.

This is the kind of scene I hope to see - water being pumped off and the rivers and drains brim-full, because I seem to do better when it's like this in the autumn, rather than drought conditions and sluggish flows.

I usually have a few trips in mid-September, looking at waters I plan to target over the autumn months.

While I'm planning to give a couple of new areas a go this season, I know a few of us will also be targeting a water which threw up the odd big fish after we stumbled across the right stretch and learned a little about it.

I guess this is how a lot of pike anglers operate, pooling the odd snippet of info with their mates. But while you can adopt a loose lips sink ships policy among the crowd you knock about with, you can't legislate for leaks from the non-fishing public.

When a mate had a big fish from a swim where I'd had one last winter, I was thrilled he'd caught a fish over 25lbs from somewhere I'd put him onto. But the plot thickened when I compared the pictures and my mate's twenty-five turned out to be a different one to mine.

I wondered what the odds of that happening are. My fish looked big, even though the pictures were done in a rush on a mobile phone. My mate's fish looked a real belter, absolutely mint. Apart from the green-tinged wish I'd caught it moment, I wished I had a picture that good of my fish.

My mate said a dog walker photographed it for him. Next time I fished there, a man came along the bank with a dog and we got talking. You after pike then, the man said - saw someone catch a lovely one here the other day.

I said what, last Tuesday..? That was my mate, describing mate's obvious distinguishing feature, his usual attire and his vehicle. No, he said. I think that was Wednesday. Twenty eight pounds it was. Bloke with different distinguishing features/attire/vehicle. Never knew there was anything that big in here.

When I got home, I rang my mate. Nah, definitely not 28lbs, my mate said. Anyway, it was a woman walking her dogs who photographed it. Not a bloke.

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