Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rapala Magnums - the lures that time forgot..?

I'm adding lures to my must-have, not to be left at home under any circumstances collection as I turn out shelves and boxes in search of forgotten favourites.

Some earned their place in my affections because I actually caught on them. Others promised pike, but failed to deliver last time around. I liked them all the same, because I knew I'd catch on when the right day came along - or possibly the day I finally got the hang of using them.

The lures are in pole position when it comes to kicking off this winter's campaign. How long I stick with them comes down to how much I enjoy this new approach. Enjoyment, as ever being the bottom line in pike fishing.

When I enjoy fishing somewhere, I keep going back. Sometimes this is down to enjoying what I've managed to catch - others, it's down to enjoying what I might catch if I stick at it.

My latest must-haves are Rapala Magnums. Lean, mean, deep diving Magnums. A lure that was designed for trolling but offers the option of being worked along the bottom, albeit clumsily, when worked from the bank until it's big lip bumps the clay.

Magnums are all but forgotten these days, in the aftermath of the jerkbait fad. A lure that's been overtaken by events, you might say - superseded by new techonology in the plastic department.

Maybe, just maybe this will be their season.

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