Thursday, August 09, 2012

What's the best weather for pike fishing in the Fens

I know people have different ideas about the best conditions to go pike fishing in the Fens. In recent years, one theory which seems to have become accepted is that pike feed hard when a cold front's approaching.  Some reckon the day before, others the day it actually arrives.

One of the best days I ever had was when there was a westerly wind with a lof of high, fast-moving cloud, when two of us had more than 20 fish between us to high doubles and a couple of other guys on another bit of the same water enjoyed similar success.

I study the weather avidly before I go fishing and sometimes take a day or two off on the strength of the medium-range forecast. I've started linking to some of the weather sites I use below the weather widget thing half way down the sidebar. This will grow as I get round to it. Underneath it, you'll also find a collection of EA river guages for some of the main river systems.

These are a little limited. There's only one for the Ouse, for example and none for the Middle Level, Cut Off, Relief Channel or any of the Cambs or Lincs drains.

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