Wednesday, August 01, 2012

We book a pike fishing holiday in Norfolk

My wife and I are planning to go on holiday towards the end of this year. As I was consulted during the early stages of planning said holiday, we are going somewhere in Norfolk where I can go pike fishing every day. I see this as a resounding endorsement of a give and take relationship.

While I will spend every day of the holiday pike fishing, I do not intend to sideline the wife. I plan to spend a couple of hours with her each evening, between when I return from fishing and when I go down the pub with my mates.

If she is still awake when the pub kicks out, she will clearly have the added option of spending time with me then.

The reason I will be able to incorporate pub trips with my mates into our busy holiday schedule is that the accommodation we have booked has three bedrooms. In simple mathematic terms, this means two mates can accompany us.

Alternatively, we may adopt a more equitable gender spread and have a mate and his wife or partner accompany us.

This idea requires a mate's wife or partner my wife gets on with to really make it sing, since they will be spending a great deal of time together when my mate and I are fishing.

It will also mean the mate and his partner spend the week sleeping in separate rooms, since the two extra rooms have single beds.

Another option is that two of my wife's mates accompany us. I do not like the sound of this one.

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