Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Storm Live Kickin' Minnow and Live Kickin' Shad

I liked these lures as soon as I saw them. I liked them even more after I went out to give them a quick dunk.

I  doubt they'll last more than a few fish, but they're incredibly life-like in the water. On a slow-ish retrieve, they swim just like a fish.

They also come armed with just a single, sensibly-sized hook. It's probably too small and in the wrong place to translate every hit into a hook-up, but when you do catch one, you're not going to do it too much damage.

This is something which put me off a lot of the lures I used to use, especially those which have a large single amidships and a treble underneath.

If I'd wanted to give them a proper work-out, with a chance of catching something, I'd probably have headed for one of the rivers or drains, but I settled for half an hour on Enigma.

I was well-impressed with the lures' action. I particularly liked the roach-patterned version, which looks extremely life-like in the water, to the point where I just know it's going to catch when I find some pike to show it to.

They sink rapidly, head-first, but rise up on the retrieve with the rod top pulsing as you bring them in. If these had been about when I was into lure fishing a few seasons back, I'd probably have caught a lot more pike doing it.

A couple of these take up next to no space, so I'll probably start taking a lure rod and one or two of them along on bait fishing trips in the winter.

They weren't expensive either, at £4 each, so it's not going to be the end of the world if they fall to bits after a few fish.


  1. Nice blog with loads of useful information (especially the one about hook sharpeners - That Tesco one looks handy for what I'm after. This post struck me though, as I always look for lures with a single treble and if I buy one with two I'll remove the front one which means I have plenty of reasonable sized trebles left over from smaller lures allowing me to then use them to replace trebles on larger lures. Whilst I don't do a lot of lure fishing, I honestly can't recall the last time I failed to hook up with a fish whilst using a single set of de-barbed trebles. I wonder what the hook-up ratio would be if I used a strong single hook to replace the trebles??!


  2. Thanks for the kind words. I think you could use a single on these. I have a mate who's a very good lure angler, so will see if I can blag a session with him and pick his brains.