Friday, August 03, 2012

Pike fishing in the Fens QR code

My QR code splodge thing is now bringing as many people who access the internet via Android or iPhones to this blog as those using Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Mobile phones which can access the internet can be taken fishing, meaning you can access blogs like this from the bank, along with all kinds of other useful information ranging from weather forecasts and tide times, to e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.

Yet fishing websites, blogs and forums are still fairly static things. People post their writings. People mull over them in forums.

No-one's really grasped the potential for live blogging and interaction yet, but I've no doubt it will come as fishing embraces the technology.

Hi Guys, this is Simon from Southampton. Fishing this swim on the Avon for chub. Wondered where you guys would bait up - under the trees or down the deeper water on the near bank. What rig and how long would you give it before you move..?

Hi Simon, this is Nigel. Had a five-six under the second tree on meat last night. Long tail off a feeder.

Hi Nigel, just missed a bite on a 12" tail - Tweeted a pic of rig, reckon that's too short..?

Yeah Simon, your hair needs to be shorter if that makes sense.

Um, I'm bald Nige.

Yeah I know bonehead - I mean the one off the hook LOL.



It'll come. Just wait and see.

To use a QR code, go to the App Store and download a free QR code reader. To generate a QR code, try here.

Scan mine and save the link on your Android or iPhone. And stay tune this season....

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