Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Storm Kicktail #2

I didn't give this lure much of a chance, to be honest, because something bit me and I went home after visiting the Village Pub and the Village Shop, where I acquired a bottle of Cognac for medicinal purposes.

I appreciate this is not exactly the spirit, no pun intended, and that I probably need to man up if I am ever to become a successful lure angler. I can highly commend the lure's action. Provided you don't retire injured after an insect bite, visiting licensed premises en route to same, you'd probably catch something using it.

I'm sure it will be a winner when the weather is cold enough to deter flying insects. It has the same snaky, sinuous action as the roach-patterned Kicktail, but it's getting on for half an ounce lighter and just looks better in the water.

Well, it did until I got bitten by something. Before my arm swelled up and I bought a bottle of VSOP Cognac, which has been aged for at least four years in oak casks.

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