Monday, August 13, 2012

Bung us one of them old pike floats

I found this during my annual pre-season clear-out, nestling amid the boxes of junk I refuse to throw out just in case it ever comes in useful. I bought it for nostalgia's sake ages ago, because the first pike I ever caught was on an old bung someone gave me when I was but a lad.

One useful thing about bungs was they were easy to change if the one you selected wasn't the right size. Admittedly this wasn't often a problem in my bung days, as I only owned large bungs. Imagine if someone came up with something similar - either blow-moulded plastic, or even cork, with a hollow central tube so you could fish it as a slider.

End result, a through-the-middle float you could change to suit conditions, without having to break your rig down.

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