Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fuse wire tip for popping up deadbaits for pike

This is all you need for attaching bait poppers or polyballs to your traces to lift your deads off the bottom. Fuse wire costs a fraction of what they charge for the special wires you can buy in tackle shops to do the same job.

It's also better than using nylon, because it's a lot quicker to add bouyancy and make adjustments when you only have to twist the wire around the popper and the bend of one of the bottom hooks.

If you leger baits using a running paternoster - with the lead off a run ring and nylon link stopped at the trace swivel - it makes for a tangle-free rig you can get a fair bit of distance with.

You don't need bait poppers, either. You can get polyballs in all shapes and sizes from craft shops or online for far less money, you just need to carry a darning needle to get the wire through them.

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