Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Making a date with the Wensum

I am on time for an important meeting in Norwich. In work terms, this is akin to catching a twenty - being on time being something I aspire to but frequently fail to achieve, owing to factors beyond my control.

Walking up the Wensum towards the old Jarrold Works, I am tempted to dally by the glorious spectacle of fish rising all over the river.

Got stuck behind a tractor on the A47, combine harvester jack-knifed at Swaffham, livestock on the road - I run through the possibilities for stealing a quick ten minutes to drink in the sights.

But this is an important meeting. I make a mental note to make a date with the Wensum another time, and spend a morning on a lazy bend downstream of a cascade of weeping willows that seem completely out of kilter with the city bustle.

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