Sunday, August 26, 2012

Korum rig clips could be useful for pike anglers

I rarely splash out on new rig bits, but I have a feeling these Korum clips I found in Hunstanton Tackle today are going to prove incredibly useful. 

They're meant for running rigs for carp and other species, but they have one unique attribute which will be of interest to pike anglers who move around a few waters during the course of a day - or fish waters which are apt to change, like tidal rivers or drains which can be standing one minute and pumping off the next.

The way they're made means that you can easily slip them on and off your line in a couple of seconds, without having to break everything down.

That means you could add a running lead to a rig if - for example - the three or four swan shots you pinched on your trace when you started off no longer hold the bait still when the wind gets up or the drain starts running off.

I can't claim to have discovered them. Hat tip to Dave Lumb for that, see here and here.

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