Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Is there pike on Mars

Amid the triumph of landing the biggest explorer vehicle thing they've landed on Mars since the last explorer vehicle thing they landed on Mars, a line in the story which has not so far been pursued by the angling media made me think.

NASA are now seriously considering a manned mission to the Red Planet, which lies on average 225m km from the Railway Bridge swim at Ten Mile Bank, near Downham Market, depending on where Mars and the Railway Bridge swim lie on their respective orbits.

I do not normally name swims, but the Railway Bridge swim was the place where I gained a whole new insight into the possibility of beings from other worlds visiting the Fens, and until recently more people visited this blog to read about that than anything else *linky thing*.

Anyway, this manned mission thing got me thinking. Like, what if we could nominate the crew of the first manned mission, which would take even longer to get to than catching a twenty from the Relief Channel, to give some idea of time span.

I know who I'd go for. I can see him now, as they touch down on the dark side 225m km away from the Fens, as he switches on his head torch.

Oi, you, little green man...

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